How's Your Business Listing on Apple Maps?

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As you may have heard, with the release of Apple's iPhone 5 and iOS6, the maps application used by so many has changed. Google maps was the standard map service on the iPhone, but it has now been replaced by Apple's own map application. There have been a number of complaints about this, enough that Apple's CEO has actually apologized for a lackluster app! But still, millions of users are now using this map tool to find what they are looking for, many of your potential customers included! How does your business appear on these new maps? Is it even listed? The business listing database is completely separate from Google, so there's no guarantee that you will even be listed.

Unfortunately, Apple has documented very little as to how to add or correct business listings. We have found a few theories though, and can recommend a few things to try.

1. First, check for your business. Grab an iPhone with iOS6 or borrow one from a friend. Search not only for your business name, but also for key words people might use to find you.

2. Use the 'Report a Problem' button.

If your listing is found but need to make changes, the first thing to do is submit them with the 'Report a Problem' button. Click the arrow next to your listing and then scroll down to the bottom of that screen. The button is at the bottom right.

If your lsiting is not even there, tap and hold on the map where your location is, or search by address, to get a pin in the correct location. Then click the arrow on it and scroll down to the 'Report a Problem' button.

Fill out the form and submit the details.

3. Apple's maps make use of Yelp business listings, and often link to Yelp's pages for review and other information. The best thing to do, regardless of your status on the map, is to make an account on, claim your business, and update the information there to make it as complete as possible. You'll also want to respond to any negative reviews that you may find. Answering reviews in a professional, courteous manner always makes you look your best, even when responding to a lousy review.

Unfortunately, we have no confirmation that any of these steps work reliably or fast, but as it stands right now it's all we can do. Many people are complaining about this so we'll be watching for changes and hopefully, improvement in the system. In the meantime, a few quick steps can't hurt.


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