Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

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To all our customers:

First, I sincerely hope that you are all OK and haven't been impacted too much by Hurricane Sandy. With all the flooding, wind damage and power outages, we have weathered quite a storm. Personally, this was the most severe weather I have ever witnessed. Here in Bayville, everyone is without power and many have flooded, including my parents who are still pumping out the basement. Fortunately, no one we know was hurt and I sincerely hope that you all can say the same.

On to business matters, I am glad to report that all of our hosting services were and remain unaffected by the hurricane. Our main office, located in Bayville, NY, while without power, was unharmed (aside from a few downed trees outside). We are currently operating on generator backup power and plan to be available going forward. Note that all our web and email hosting services are backed by Rackspace and the data centers that we utilize are located in Texas. Email and web services have had zero interruption.

Several of our customers have been impacted in one form or another and have reached out to us to post details on their websites to inform their customers. If you cannot get online and would like us to post something for you, please feel free to contact us and we can make updates for you as needed.

Again, I hope everyone is OK and moving along in the cleanup process. Please feel free to contact me if you need anything.

Best regards,
Mike McCloy


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