Waypoint Widget Update

Posted on 5/6/2010 | Printable Version | Comments (0)

We're very excited today to announce a really cool new feature now available in all Waypoint sites! The Code Block widget has been upgraded to include support for <form> tags, and other types of content. As explained in the video, the code block widget allows you to post nearly any html content right onto your page. One major limitation of this was form tags. Waypoint is built on ASP.NET, which wraps the entire page in a form tag. Since forms are not allowed inside other forms, certain code blocks would not function, including PayPal buttons. A new feature resolves this: wrap in iframe. An iframe allows us to have a page within a page, and thus, a form within a form. Now you can use a code block widget, paste in your PayPal button code, choose "wrap in iframe" and viola! You now have your PayPal button or other form code working on your website!


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