Assign Applications to "Spaces" in OSX Lion

Posted on 7/21/2011 | Comments (0)

I was a happy user of Spaces in OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard. You could assign certain applications to certain spaces and with a quick keystroke, flip between them. I used it to keep my email and calendar separate and run windows using Parallels in full screen mode and easily bounce back and forth between mac and windows. After working with OSX Lion for a few days, I have been a bit frustrated with the new Mission Control concept. The magic mouse gesture is nice, but you can only move left and right. Previously I had 4 spaces arranged 2 by 2, so I could go up and down, left and right to quickly go where I wanted to. Now you have to potentially flip past several screens to get where you want to go. Not quite as efficient, and I'm all about efficiency. There's lots to do today and I need to get my work done fast! One big gripe: I can no longer assign applications to specific "spaces". The settings panel that used to let me do this is gone! Now when I reboot, all my apps get mashed onto the first screen. ** EDIT: Previously I thought I found a workaround, but it seems after reboot, everything goes back to the first space. I hope apple comes out with a fix for this. Here's How to set spaces (although they will reset after a reboot):
  • Right click (or ctrl click if you don't use the secondary mouse click) on an app in the dock.
  • Under the "Assign To" category, select the desktop you want to keep it on, or use "This Desktop" for the current one.
  • OSX will remember this setting the next time you fire up that app.


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