Picture Galleries

Waypoint Photo Galleries provide the tools you need to easily manage pictures on your website. Uploading photos from your digital camera or other source and thumbnails are automatically created! Add titles and descriptions to describe your pictures. To display your pictures, you can add one at a time to your pages using the Rich Text Editor feature, or use a gallery display widget to display a grid of pictures on your site. You can choose how many pictures to show per page and page number links will be added automatically!

Drag and Drop Ordering

Sometimes you need to put your pictures in order, and not just by date. To allow this, we have enabled drag and drop sorting in Waypoint 3. Just drag and drop to reorder your pictures any way you like! 

Bulk Upload

Some online gallery managers make you select one file at a time to upload. Waypoint allows you to select multiple files at once and have all the files upload automatically. The image to the right shows the bulk upload feature in action!

Gallery Security

If you have pictures you want to post on your website for members-only, you can choose to make a gallery secure. When this option is selected, you choose who can see your pictures and who can't. The physical image files are relocated to a folder in your website that is not accessible to the general public. Only users who are logged in and have permission will be able to view these images. 

Advanced Sizing Options

A new feature in Waypoint 3, you can now specify exactly how large or small your pictures should be for any given gallery. When you add new pictures to a gallery, Waypoint will resize your images to fit within whatever dimension you choose. Each gallery can have its own settings too, so you can create different galleries with different sizes depending on how you want your images to appear.