Website Traffic Reports

How many people visit my website?   What pages are they looking at?    Where are they coming from?
Once you launch your website, these are the things you start to wonder. Waypoint includes traffic logging that will record the answers to all these questions and more. Just log into your admin area and go to the Traffic Reports section. A simple form (shown below) lets you specify a date range and a report to view. You can view total clicks, clicks by page, unique visitors, referrers (what websites visitors are coming from), and browser counts. A clean graph or pie chart will display, depending on which report you are running. 

Google Analytics Integration

Waypoint also fully supports Google Analytics. Google will provide a small piece of code which we can integrate into your site template, instantly activating Google's tracking features on every page of your website. Once installed, Google will track everything Waypoint does and even more. The best part is, it's free! Contact us if you would like to enable this feature on your website.