Introducing the Waypoint Digest!

Posted 1/7/2016
The Waypoint Digest is a new service from Twin Harbor that ties into your Waypoint website. Each week, you will receive an email with relevant information from your website.

WaiverFile Provides Online Waiver Signing Service

Posted 9/15/2015
WaiverFile provides online, electronic waiver form collection. Easy entry greatly simplifies and organizes the collection of release/liability waivers.

Celebrating 10 Years!

Posted 11/10/2014
We're so excited this year to celebrate 10 years in business. We are so fortunate to have gotten to know so many amazing clients in the past decade, we know we couldn't have gotten here without you! Thank for all your support and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future!

New Site Launch: Suzie Cakez Cupcakes

Posted 3/11/2013
You've never had cupcakes this good. Suzie Cakez is a very cool little cupcake shop located right here in Bayville, NY! Her new website reflects the trendy, fun atmosphere of her shop. Waypoint lets Susan, the owner, easily add pictures of her new creations. If you're in the Long Island area, stop by for a cupcake!

New Gallery Features Released!

Posted 12/14/2012
We are excited to announce some very useful upgrades to Waypoint galleries that were released this week! Adding and managing galleries on your website just got even easier.

How to embed a Google calendar on your Waypoint website

Posted 11/26/2012
In this brief video tutorial, we'll show you how you can easily embed a Google calendar on your Waypoint website.

Recovering from Hurricane Sandy

Posted 10/31/2012
A note about Hurricane Sandy.

Best Practice Starting Stylesheet for Waypoint

Posted 10/18/2012
This article shows a recommended starting stylesheet (CSS) for a Waypoint website. While Waypoint will work with most any CSS you can come up with, a few tips will allow for easier editing once the site is set up.

How to Add Tables to Your Web Pages

Posted 10/12/2012

How's Your Business Listing on Apple Maps?

Posted 10/12/2012
Have you checked out your listing on the new Apple Maps? If not, check out this quick article showing how to check and try to correct any incorrect information that may be there.

Simonetti Training - Horse Whipped

Posted 8/15/2012
Here at Twin Harbor we get to work with clients on lots of exciting online projects. Sometimes we build custom software to solve a problem. Other times we create complete a complete online presence for a local business. One of our clients, Tony Simonetti of Simonetti Training, has started a campaign to promote a new television show he is creating about the horse training business. We're very excited that Tony has chosen Twin Harbor and Waypoint to do so. At you will find the trailer for this new TV show as well as links to more information about horse training and the services offered.

How to Log Into Your Waypoint Website

Posted 8/3/2012
In this brief video, we show you how to log into your Waypoint website and begin to make changes and edits. 

How to Add A YouTube Video To Your Website

Posted 8/2/2012
In this brief video we show how you can use the Code Block widget in Waypoint to easily add a YouTube video to your website!

Disabling the Redirector Widget

Posted 8/1/2012
How to disable the redirector widget. 

Waypoint 3.1.6 Update Released

Posted 8/1/2012
We are happy to announce the release of a large update to Waypoint that includes several new features and a series of bug fixes. To update to the latest version of Waypoint, just log into your Waypoint website, go to the Site Admin. Then go to Settings >> Check for Updates. Click the Install button next to each available update to bring your Waypoint installation up to the latest version and get all the updates described below.

Online Payments Now Available!

Posted 5/18/2012
We are happy to announce we have enabled online payments on our website. You can now pay your invoice using our secure online form. Click here to make a payment now! 

Setting up the QuickBooks Connector

Posted 5/18/2012
Waypoint Commerce includes a connector for QuickBooks. This article will walk you through setting it up for your online store so you can download customers, items and orders. 

Waypoint Development FAQ

Posted 5/18/2012
The following are answers to common issues with setting up Waypoint. 

Widget Communication

Posted 5/18/2012
Waypoint provides a means for widgets to communicate with one another. Any widget you create can submit a message to the Waypoint framework with a command name and some data. Other widgets on the page can subscribe to this event. This page describes how you can code to use this feature.

Working with the Authenticated User

Posted 5/18/2012
When a user is logged in, you can access details about the user using ASP.NET code. Here are a few simple examples to demonstrate that. 

Web.config Settings

Posted 5/18/2012
You can customize Waypoint settings using web.config application keys. The following list explains what keys are available. 

Standard CSS Classes

Posted 5/18/2012
Waypoint references a number of standard CSS class names. The following CSS code shows each of them along with recommended settings for each. 

Basic Account Management

Posted 5/18/2012
This article covers basic account management including editing your account and changing your password. 

Help Video: Movie Player Widget

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video showing how to use the Movie Player widget in Waypoint to display video content on your website. 

Help Video: Code Cleanup Tool

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief how-to video showing some tips on how you can clean up your HTML code using features in Waypoint, making for a more tidy layout. 

Help Video: Code Block Widget

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief how-to video showing how you can use the Waypoint code block widget to place html and javascript code on your web pages. In this video we add a Facebook Badge to our site. 

Help Video: Waypoint 3 Migration

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video that walks you through the new features in Waypoint 3. If you have worked with Waypoint version 2 in the past, this video is a good overview of where things are in the new version. 

Help Video: User Management

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video showing an overview of the user management system included with Waypoint, adding users and setting permissions. 

Help Video: Traffic Reports

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video showing the traffic reports feature in Waypoint. 

Help Video: Rich Text Editor

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video showing how to use the Rich Text Editor feature in Waypoint. 

Help Video: Creating a New Page

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video showing how to create a new page on your website using Waypoint.

Help Video: Page Viewer Widget

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief how-to video showing how to use the Page Viewer widget in Waypoint to display the content of another page or website on your website. 

Help Video: Page Manager

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief how-to video showing how to use the Page Manager in Waypoint to create new pages on your website. 

Help Video: Map with Driving Directions

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief how-to video showing how to add a map with driving directions to your website using Waypoint.

Picture Galleries

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief video covering the Picture Gallery features included in Waypoint. 

Help Video: File Libraries

Posted 5/18/2012
A brief how-to video showing how to use File Libraries in Waypoint to upload files to your website and list them for download. 

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Posted 10/8/2009

Now Hosting Kerio Mail Server 6.7.2!

Posted 9/25/2009

Kerio Mail Server 6.7.2 Coming Soon

Posted 9/25/2009

Posted 9/16/2009

Posted 9/16/2009

To all Kerio Customers: Please wait before installing Snow Leopard

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Posted 9/3/2009

Fan us on Facebook!

Posted 8/19/2009

A few new Waypoint Features

Posted 12/13/2008

CNN Alerts Spam. Filter it out with Kerio.

Posted 8/12/2008

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Posted 5/14/2008

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Posted 4/29/2008

New Support Desk Launched!

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Uploading Pictures to your website with Waypoint

Posted 4/8/2008

Waypoint Tips

Posted 4/7/2008

Development Blog

Posted 4/7/2008